New Version of CertAlert Available

A new version of CertAlert is available and has the following changes/fixes:

* If the server terminates the connection during TLS handshake, tries again with SSLv3
* Fixed a problem with SMTP STARTTLS support
* Improved error message if run CertAlert when the CSV report is open
* Added a column for IP Address
* Reduced the default number of concurrent connections

CertAlert is pure .NET, completely portable, and doesn’t require an install.

To run it, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. unzip the file you downloaded

2. open a command prompt in the folder you unzipped to

3. type CertAlert.exe and press return
(it is preconfigured to check some public websites)

The README file has details on how to configure CertAlert. It covers:
scan speed, emailing alerts, emailing reports, warning interval, IP
ranges, port ranges etc.

More information about CertAlert can be found at the links below:

– Phil

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