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Checking for Debian Weak Keys

Do you know if any of your deployed certificates contain Debian weak keys? We have added a short article to the Cert Logik web site describing what methods are available to help you find Debian weak keys within CSRs, certificates, and also within … Continue reading

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Video of Bulk SSL Checker

We’ve just added a video of our web based Bulk SSL Checker to the Cert Logik website. The Bulk SSL Checker tool is simple to use: 1. Create an account (so we can email you the results) 2. Log in 3. Upload a text file containing the list of the hos… Continue reading

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New Features for Red Kestrel’s SSL Certificate Monitor

In response to user requests, we’ve added a couple of small features to our certificate expiry checker. The first feature allows you to locate the file that contains the list of servers or IPs to scan for certificates in a different location to th… Continue reading

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Cert Centre Lite

To make it even easier to view the results from an SSL certificate scan, we are bundling a lite version of our Cert Centre product with our SSL Certificate Discovery and Certificate Monitoring products. Below is a screenshot from Cert Centre Lite: Continue reading

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