Bulk SSL Checker

We know that sometimes you may have many SSL sites to check. When each site has to be entered into the SSL Checker separately, it can be tedious and long-winded . For this reason, we have created Bulk SSL Checker. Create a free account and try it out.

Bulk SSL Checker has many features including:

  • You simply upload the hostnames to check and it does the rest
  • Provides detailed reports emailed directly to you in both CSV and HTML formats
  • Reports highlight potential issues including:
    • expired certificates
    • certificates expiring in 90 days or less
    • untrusted certificates 
    • certificates that contain weak keys due to a security flaw in older versions of Debian based systems
    • certificates that may cause a breach in security or policy due to key length
    • certificates that do not list the hostname they are associated with 

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Thanks.

— Phil



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